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JumpStart PR
I Can Do That!
The ideal solution for companies lacking a PR budget, JumpStart PR is a hands-on workshop designed to provide clients with all the tools they need to start and execute a basic PR program on their own. Clients spend a half-day with a seasoned, executive-level PR team to learn the tricks of the trade in a PR session that includes key PR tools and personalized training.  The workshop revolves around a company-specific how-to manual that includes news release templates, editorial calendars, target contact lists and more.  Cost for the workshop is a one-time, flat fee and includes five post-workshop consultation hours.

The JumpStart PR Workshop includes:

  • Overview of PR/media relations vs. advertising/marketing - including the definition, value and importance of PR campaigns
  • Definition of the various target audiences (horizontal vs. vertical, consumer vs. trade or business)
  • How to get started:  the different types of PR and how and when to implement campaigns
  • How/why/when to write a news release;  news release template and company-specific boiler plate with examples of various press announcements
  • Target contacts lists specifically for your company including editorial and/or analyst contact information
  • Value of editorial opportunities;  company-specific editorial calendar generation
  • How to conduct media and/or analyst relations (etiquette, timing, strategy, goals) and build relationships with reporters and analysts
  • How and when/why to conduct market tours and media and analyst tours
  • How to get a reporter or analyst to talk to you
  • The importance of white papers, bylines, customer testimonials and community relations
  • The value of award opportunities and trade shows
  • What is a press kit and what should be included in one
  • Web site analysis
  • The Day After - or what to do next - plus five hours of consultation after the workshop



"I have never seen anyone like Suzi - completely task-oriented, no fluff, relatively little dialogue and a huge work ethic.  Her skills are superb."

Kelly Simpson, Active Relationships Center