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Why Hire Us?
Hands-on and aggressive!
No bait-and-switch! We stay intimately involved in the ongoing strategy and positioning of a company and its products or services. We maintain a small, virtual staff so there is no bureaucracy. When we say we will do something, it gets done on time - if not ahead of schedule. We don't have assistants who field our calls. We value the one-on-one relationship with our clients.

PR is based on dozens of subjective factors that cannot be controlled, but our successful track record is consistently results-oriented.  We remain in constant contact with reporters which allows us the ability to determine the newsworthiness of a potential project. We frequently turn down projects we feel are not newsworthy and we only accept projects we feel confident we’ll be successful at promoting in the media.

Because we are a small, virtual firm, our rates are the best. We know we are competitively priced and appreciate the niche we have established in promoting small-to-mid-sized startups and other growing companies.

"Those of us who enter the bewildering maze of publicity are at the mercy of the people who act as our guides - publicists. Suzi Prokell will prove those stories wrong. She will leave no stone unturned to get you exposure.”
- Ernest D. Swersky, M.D.


“Thank you for your Herculean efforts! You are amazing, a workhorse!”

Chris McCoin, McCoin & Smith Communications