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Do You Need PR?

Many people think public relations and advertising are the same thing when, in fact, they are the diametric opposite of one another. Advertising is a paid endorsement that cannot establish credibility.  Public Relations is unbiased and unlimited editorial coverage in the media based on a reporter’s appraisal of one’s news worthiness, quality and uniqueness.

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What PR Represents

What Public relations represents

Public relations represents many times the clout of advertising at a fraction of the cost. In advertising, a single ad for one day in a major newspaper can cost as much as one year of public relations monthly fees. Radio and magazine advertising can cost five times that and television ads can run ten to fifteen times the price of one year of public relations services.

Public relations can also include the following services:  design of press kits, public education, business-to-business communication, new business development, media and press tours, seminars and special events, crisis communications and audio/visual product development.

Public relations process

Public relations is the process of strategically communicating with the people who are important to your business. The key steps in this process are:

What makes you different and competitive?

Who has a significant impact on your business and who are your users?

Media might include trade and technical publications, business press, television and radio, newspapers, magazines or the Internet.

Put together a plan outlining objectives, strategies, tactics, timelines and budgets.

The tactics involved in executing a public relations campaign are unlimited — press releases, analyst tours, press conferences, media liaison, media tours, special events, articles/white papers, speaking engagements, trade shows, etc.

Public relations campaigns can be as large and expensive or small and inexpensive as you need. There is no direct correlation between the size of your budget and the success of your campaign. The success of a campaign depends more on what is happening within a company and how it relates to the world around us.  When a company has a good product or service that has a strong potential position in the marketplace, promotion is relatively straightforward. What remains is putting together and executing a solid, strategic plan to support your company’s objectives.


One of the major questions companies have about doing public relations is what they will get from their investment. Unfortunately, the effectiveness of a public relations campaign is hard to measure. This is partially because it is a subtle process and the public often does not remember how they received the information.

Public relations tends to be a tool for image-shaping, opinion-making, persuasion and changing behavior. When approached strategically and consistently, public relations works. You cannot do “a little PR” and expect a lot of results. The impact of public relations builds over time, with repetition of key messages in a variety of contexts.

A good campaign will reach and educate the people who influence market opinion in your area and present them with convincing evidence that your company provides the best quality, service, etc. The campaign will change the attitudes of these influencers and persuade them to share this information with your target audience through media reviews and recommendations. Readers and viewers of the media will receive this information and become aware of your company — ultimately resulting in sales.

In the right situation public relations is extremely effective. But, don’t fall into the trap of thinking public relations can take the place of advertising or good management. Public relations is part of the overall marketing picture and can be very effective when used well.

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